Felipe Mandarino Lima

Felipe Mandarino Lima (@felipe_lima_mirror)

Felipe is an amateur photographer from São Paulo, Brazil.  He started in photography in 2015 during a trip to Turkey.  In 2018 Street Avengers was founded by him during a visit to the Tate Modern Museum in London with Douglas Almeyda, John Castillo, Gert "The Kanzler", Eliana Pesenti, Eva Neukum and Geralda de Graaf (he's also co-founder of collectives "Kalopsia Collective" and "Street Bsides").

Felipe studied photography at the Escola Panamericana de Artes in São Paulo and also has learned with his friends and teachers Renato Junque, Douglas Almeyda, Rodrigo Bacellar, Camila Dotta, Gabriel Cabral, Gustavo Minas and Tiago "Shiba" Ishibashi. He studied how to create a photobook with the curator Éder Ribeiro and now is member of Éder's study group.  Participated in some exibithions as the imporant festival "Interfoto Itu" (2019 and 2022 editions), Raw Gallery and was published twice by publisher "Selo Vertigem" (books "Paulista" and "Imagem Vertigem  - São Paulo's Metro"). His photographic references are by cinema photography, portraits and streetphotography with passion by the work of his great mate Douglas Almeyda and also Ralph Gibson, Man Ray, David Lynch, Francesca Woodman, Cindy Sherman, Daido Moryiama, Mary Ellen Mark, Alex Webb, Saul Leiter, Claudia Andujar, Bruce Davidson, Guy Bourdin, Alan Schaller, Gustavo Minas, Lukas Vasilikos and many others great artists.

Felipe is also preparing his first photobook called "Mirror".



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